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Tableau Services

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Consultancy Services

With deep and industry-specific experience and expertise, Hermes Solutions certified Tableau consultants can help get actionable insights from your business data, and turn them into tangible results that guarantee ROI and sustainable success. We adopt a Stop-Drive-Stop approach which helps the consultant understand their customers efficiently and help them build analytics based upon their creativity and demands. At first, the consultant stops for collecting initial requirements, then drive and work upon the given requirements, then stops again and discuss with the client about their demands again after making a broader analysis of their data, and then revamp the data once again meeting the customers’ expectations.

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Tableau Training Services

As official training partners of Tableau Software we pride ourselves in having trainers more than 500+ professionals on Tableau Desktop. 

We provide custom in-house training services

3 days and 4 days courses that will get your teams to quickly learn and practice Tableau. Our goal is not just to deliver training but to also challenge your teams with their own data sets at the end of the course so that they get real experience on how to use all features of the software.

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Hermes Clinics

Are you new to Tableau and anxious to get started or a seasoned vet looking to take your skills to the next level? We're here to help. As the best hour-for-hour learning opportunity on the market, Hermes Clinics is the place to embrace your inner data hero, and become your team's Tableau champion. Hermes Clinics provides its clients specialized Doctors which is your opportunity to go one-on-one with Tableau experts who can help you solve technical challenges, master advanced tools, and get your vizzes and dashboards in tip-top shape. 

Booking an appointment at Hermes Clinics is really easy. You register to the Hermes Clinics platform, Book an appointment, and that is it. One can also request for the same doctors for as many times as they want. 

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Data Management

For Hermes’s clients, Data Management is the most critical component of improving data quality, managing risk, measuring accurately, and often maintaining compliance with government regulations Since data management stresses both the quality and control aspect to the management and usage of data, Hermes’s work to improve our clients’ data governance standards involves a top-down evaluation of data processes, measuring their data’s accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and completeness. Datasets often include the customer master, product master, sales force alignments, “type” management, and various business hierarchies.

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Predictive Analytics

Hermes provides complete set of predictive analytics services. Our teams use latest technology and programming interfaces such as R-Programming and combine it with the capabilities of BI Platforms such as Tableau to provide our customers predictive analysis on any data. 

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Mobile Application Developement

Hermes provides mobile application development centered around Android and IOS platforms. Our experience in Analytics enable us to significantly develop mobile applications around your business requirement and enable you to analyze your mobile app usage for effective utilization of the app with your users.

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